When should you rekey your house?

One of the fastest and the most cost-effective ways to help the security of your house is to rekey your locks. Sometimes, changing the entire lock or lock set is essential, but more often rekeying is the better option.

A rekey is when changes are made to the springs and pins inside the lock cylinder so that the old key will become obsolete and a new key will be necessary to operate a rekeyed lock. A lot of people choose to rekey because its cost is much cheaper than the cost of purchasing and installing new lock hardware.

Here are some very important reasons to rekey your house:
• If you need to change many locks. In this case, rekey is a better option, because rekeying multiple locks is much cheaper than replacing them;
• If you don’t want different keys for all locks and you need only one set of Master Key;
• If you have lost your keys;
• If you have loaned your keys;
• If your key has been stolen;
• If a resident has moved from your house;
• If you have fired a maid or a babysitter;
• If you have moved to a new home;
• If your close friend is suddenly not a friend anymore and has your house key;
• If you want to remove many keys on your key ring.

However, it should be noted, that if you have vintage or antique locks, or if your locks are either damaged or are in a poor condition, rekeying may not be helpful and it’s better to replace the entire lock.

To summarise, there are two main reasons for rekeying house locks – security and convenience. You either want to improve your home security or to be assured that someone doesn’t have access to your house. Rekey is a cost-effective and less time-consuming alternative to replacing your locks.
In addition, It’s a great idea, to get an assistance of a professional home locksmith, who will determine if you need to replace your locks or just to rekey them.

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