What to do when you’ve lost property

It is estimated that each of us spends 10 minutes every day searching for misplaced items.
Most people have experienced the frustration of being unable to find their phone just before leaving the house, or searching for lost house keys only to find them hanging in the door.

Increasingly, busy lifestyles and lack of organisation seem to be the main factor when losing items at home; passports, bank cards and lost mobile phones top the ranks of items we waste our valuable time searching for.

Although frustrating, most items are easily replaced and without major consequence, a book left on the tube for example or a pair of gloves. But what do you do if you lose something important?

Lost phone or tablet
Report a lost or stolen phone to the police. Inform your network provider so that further calls can be blocked. Many devices have a tracking app available that may help you find it if it is simply misplaced.

Lost wallet or purse
Report a lost wallet or purse to your local police. You may be lucky and be reunited should someone hand it in, If not, a police report will be made to help support you should you encounter any issues down the line relating to identity fraud. You also need to cancel any bank cards and inform places you hold memberships for. Finally you will need to cancel your current driving licence and apply for a new one.

Lost keys
Regularly left in the back of a taxi following a night out or on public transport. If your keys can’t be traced, the best thing you can do is not to panic, report your keys as lost to a local police station and call a trustworthy local locksmith to change your locks immediately.

Ultimately there is little you can do to prevent a touch of forgetfulness or carelessness from time to time, we all make mistakes – but by keeping our homes and minds organised, you could save 10 minutes a day and a lot of hassle in the long run!

Our Guest Author

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Author, James Neil, is the director of City Locks, a Norwich-based locksmith company and licensed member of the Master Locksmiths Association.