Week 1: Raise the Alarm

Today marks the start of the sixth annual National Home Security Month (NHSM), urging you to consider the way you keep your family, possessions and home safe by creating awareness around the importance of home security.

Week one of NHSM is kicking-off with a focus on home alarms. From the traditional to the smart, we’re exploring how the popular home alarm not only acts as an excellent visual deterrent, but also provides protection for your property.

Did you know, over 81% of burglars admit to stopping or selecting another target if the property has an alarm installed?

Nowadays there are plenty of solutions to choose from that will suit both your home and budget. From standalone alarms that are ideal for sheds and garages, to DIY solutions for the home.

When asked what security products UK homeowners expect to see in a smart home, 67% of respondents wanted clever alarms that can be remotely controlled via a mobile app from anywhere in the world*, a recent survey revealed. With a Smart Home Alarm, you can receive instant alerts in the form of notifications, emails and even images to your smartphone when triggered by motion. Some Smart Home Alarms will even integrate with third party devices to create a superior security suite to scare away any would-be thieves.

If you have a pet and are worried about false alarms, invest in a pet-friendly alarm with PIR cameras so your furry friend can pass-through unnoticed!

With so many cost-effective solutions to choose from, a home alarm is the ideal security staple which provides both a visual and audible deterrent.

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*Yale UK