Top tips for your new driveway gate

For most people buying a new driveway gate is unfamiliar territory. Before deciding on the colour and aesthetics, your primary focus should always be security. The are several contributing factors to consider ensuring you maximise security and minimise your risk.

1. Material
Gone are the days where you are limited to a basic range to choose from, softwood, hardwood, wrought iron, steel, vinyl and even aluminium gates are all now readily available in the UK. Each material has its own security benefit, take wrought iron for example, spear tops are certainly a great deterrent for any unwanted visitors wishing to scale a gate, whereas hardwood gates are practically impenetrable due to their heavy weight and the force required to open against unauthorised access.

2. Visibility
This can be a tricky subject, whilst a fully boarded gate will prevent would-be burglars seeing what’s on offer inside and outside of your home, it also offers them a barrier from the passing public and neighbours if they make it through to continue unnoticed. On the other hand, a mixed infill gate or fully open bar gate reveals your property and possessions but will provide no protection or cover for trespassers.
There’s only one thing the experts can agree on, any gate is better than no gate!

3. Accessories
The perfect way to increase security of any style of driveway gate is to add security features such as gate automation kits and surveillance accessories.
Gate automation can be a fantastic addition to your new or existing gate, by ensuring a quick open and close manoeuvre at the click of a button you don’t have to worry about dashing out in the rain to close the gate and secure your property. To increase the lifespan of your gate automation you need to consider the weight and strain the gate will put on the system, with lightweight gate materials such as aluminium and vinyl you can expect an efficient and effective service from your gate automation for intensive daily use.

By adding a video intercom system and a digital keypad you can determine who you want to have access to your property without having to leave the comfort of your home.

After considering these factors you are then ready to start looking for the most suitable solution for your household and finally enjoy the comfort and security of your new driveway gate!

Our Guest Author


This blog was written by Emma Cain, Account Manager for Mister Gates Direct. Mister Gates Direct produce aluminium gates, fencing and accessories. With a team of customer experts on hand, they can find the perfect solution for your individual needs.