Top 5 tips to protect your home this autumn

As the nights start to draw in, what steps can you take to make sure your home and belongings stay safe? Swinton Insurance shares their top 5 tips to protect your home this autumn:

1. Store your valuables away

While placing your rings on the windowsill while doing the washing up might seem harmless enough, you should never leave your valuables on display. The same goes for your keys – make it difficult for opportunistic thieves to take advantage by storing these items out of sight.

2. Befriend your neighbours

Being friendly with your neighbours is not just about improving your social life. On these long autumn nights, it’s good to know that someone you trust is keeping an eye on your home, and listening out for any strange sounds.

3. Light them up

Combat darker evenings by installing motion-detection security lights on your home’s exterior, which will sense the movement of any intruders lurking in the shadows. Plus, using lighting timers when you’re out for the night will give the impression someone’s at home and deter any would-be thieves.

4. Don’t leave ladders lying around

Unsurprisingly, a handy pair of ladders can make a burglar’s job very easy! By storing them away, along with any tools and wheelie bins, you’re making it all the more difficult for someone to get into your property.

5. Don’t fully close your curtains

Autumn brings events such as Halloween and Bonfire Night, which can mean you’re spending more time away from home. By keeping your curtains and blinds slightly open in some rooms, you’re making it seem like your house is occupied.

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