The top 10 things burglars love

Burglars are always on the lookout for easy targets, and learning the common mistakes homeowners make can ensure you keep yourself and your property protected from unwanted visitors.

According to research from BBC TV Show, Crimewatch, these are the top ten things burglars’ loves:

Spare keys
Thousands of burglaries are committed each year using poorly hidden spare keys, as opposed to physically breaking in. In fact, almost a third of Brits admit to leaving a spare key around their property with the most common places including; under a plant pot (19%), bin (13%), rock or stone (13%), and doormat (10%).* Seasoned burglars are familiar with all of these hiding spots, so it’s better to leave any extra keys with a trusted neighbour or friend.

Alternatively, investing in a new smart lock rids the need for traditional keys as residents can gain access using a PINcode, key fob, key tag or even a smartphone.

Patio doors and ground floor windows
Patio doors and floor windows are easier entry points of the home to access, especially as they are fitted with less security hardware. For patio doors, make sure you have secure glazing and locking systems, and for windows, ensure all are fitted with at least one appropriate lock and are closed when you leave the home.

Small and expensive items
Burglars want to be in and out of a property as quickly and as quietly as possible. As a result, they won’t target large items but smaller, more expensive objects, as they are easier to grab. Keep all cash, jewellery and electrical gadgets secured away in a home safe bolted to the floor or wall.

The Vulnerable
Students, the elderly and people moving home are all attractive prospects for burglars, as their properties tend to be easier to access high-value contents.

Tools are a favourite for any tempted thief as they are easily to sell-on and can be used to aid a break in.

Unsecured firearms
Firearms have a high black-market value. Keep these securely locked and hidden away at all times.

Electrical equipment
Electronics are another favourite as they are high in value and can be easily sold on. Ensure all computer data is backed-up regularly and look for products with built-in security devices when you buy.

Good getaways and hideouts
Burglars target areas where they can hide and remain undetected. Limit hiding places around your property by trimming any bushes and hedges, installing security lighting, and putting away any tools or garden furniture that could aid a break-in.

Absent-minded residents
Forgetful homeowners help advertise their property to burglars. Keep doors and windows locked and keys away from the front door. What’s more, don’t assume that because you’re in the home a burglar won’t try and access it. Many thieves will go for occupied homes at night knowing that they will contain wallets and mobile phones.

When going away on holiday don’t advertise the fact that your property is vacant. Cancel any post, leave a car on the drive, and don’t share holiday snaps or information on social media until you are back home safely.

*LV Insurance