The NHSM guide to wheelie good bike security

Image of Yale bike lock on a bike, concept of high bike security.

Nearly 113,000 bikes are estimated to have been stolen in the UK since the beginning of the first lockdown, with research by Direct Line Home Insurance concluding that as many as 112,600 may have been snatched.

Bike thefts tend to see a marked increase during the summer as the warmer weather means more people take to the road, or mountain trail, for some fresh air and exercise. However, more bicycles out and about mean more opportunities for thieves.

With this in mind, NHSM is encouraging cyclists to get geared up this summer with our bike security tips to help make sure the thieves don’t get an easy ride.

Bike security tips

• Keep your bicycle locked up using a robust D lock. Security specialist Yale has a range of bike locks available; perfect for when you’re securing your ride at home, or when out. Additionally, make sure this is attached to an immovable object using both the wheel and frame to prevent it from being taken.

• Use locks approved by insurers that meet Sold Secure standards. Bike thieves need to operate quickly to reduce the chance of being caught, so a decent bike lock is worth its weight in gold. 

• Keep proof of purchase receipts in case you need to claim on your insurance. You may have invested a significant amount of money into your bike, so be sure you’re covered for theft. It’s worth considering specialist cycle insurance, especially if your bike is valuable, as some home insurance providers often have a value limit on your bike.

• Don’t leave your bike unlocked, even when it’s on your property, and keep it out of sight. Most bicycle thefts occur near the victim’s property such as in the garden, shed or garage due to a lack of secure storage.

• Don’t leave removable accessories on your bike, such as lights or baskets; these just make your ride even more attractive to potential thieves.

• Register your bike with a police-approved marking and registration scheme, such as BikeRegister, to increase the chances of your bicycle being returned if it does go missing. Apply a tamper-proof sticker to the frame, warning that the bike has been marked.