Student security this September

Fresh-faced freshers all over the country are settling into their first week of University and their new student pad – finally shaking off the safety blanket of parents and getting a taste of independence. You’ve decked out your room, claimed your food cupboard and attended your first lecture, but it’s surprising how few students think about personal safety and security during the moving in process.

Too many students fail to take basic precautionary measures, with research by Swiftcover revealing, one in six students have fallen victim to theft at some point during their University years with almost half of those losing more than £150 worth of possessions. As a result, NHSM has put together their top tips for securing yourself and your belongings this academic year.

Shared accommodation
Take extra care and don’t leave your room unsecured and unattended. Opportunist burglars view student halls and housing as easy targets due to bedroom and flat doors being left unlocked or ajar, making it a quick in-and-out job. Even if you’re only nipping down the corridor to the kitchen, remember to lock your door.

What’s more, the hustle and bustle of new faces coming and going in between lectures and nights out can provide the perfect cover for a burglar to strike unnoticed.

Under lock and key
Student accommodation has numerous changeovers every year and it is difficult to keep track of who has had copies of keys and when. Check with your landlord when the locks were last changed and if the keys are patented or restricted (meaning that they cannot be copied without proof of ownership or easily duplicated due to their unique design).

In when you’re out
To protect your most treasured possessions, consider investing in a stand alone, battery-powered alarm that will alert you to any intruder. These can be placed freestanding or fixed to a wall for easy installation and convenience, and won’t affect your tenancy agreement.

In addition, for the tech-savvy tenants, have a look at the smart security solutions available. For example, an IP camera can again be placed free standing in your room, allowing you to monitor your room remotely from anywhere at anytime using your smartphone.

Safe as houses
To protect your smaller, more expensive valuables, consider a portable safe for your room. These are ideal for storing money, jewellery, small electrical devices and any important documents you may have taken with you.

Applying these top tips will ensure you have a stress-free September.