Staying Secure While Moving House

If you’re in the middle of moving house, having your possessions boxed up and transported around can leave them vulnerable to opportunistic thieves. But don’t let this ruin the excitement of moving house! Taking precautions and following our tips will go a long way towards keeping your items safe and secure.

Why Are you at Risk During a House Move?
Combined with the stress of planning for the move and packing the house up, it’s easy to be forgetful or lax when it comes to home security. You will likely be distracted, especially on moving day when boxes are moved and left around the house or next to the removal van ready to be loaded. Your front door will probably be unlocked, as people will be walking in and out; any opportunist paying attention could quickly walk over and take whatever they want.

Here are some tips to help minimise the risk of this happening.

Look at Crime Rates in the Area
The area you live in can impact the likelihood of you being burgled when moving house. Ideally, you should look into crime rates before deciding on the area you live in, you won’t always get a totally accurate depiction of the level and type of crime, but they can indicate certain trends which you can compare with other areas.

Book a Reputable Removal Company
Your removal company is responsible for your home move, transporting all your worldly possessions safely and securely. To ensure your items are in the right hands, do your research and make sure to get several quotes to compare before deciding. In general, a legitimate removal company will:
• Agree to a home survey before the move
• Provide a comprehensive quotation
• Have trained and uniformed staff
• Be insured
• Provide quality customer service

On Moving Day
Keep an eye on your valuables and create an inventory of exactly how many boxes are being moved, and how many are in each room.

Make sure boxes are taken straight from the house and on to the van or lorry and not left outside waiting to be loaded. If you can’t keep locking and unlocking the van, ask either a member of the removal staff or a family member or friend to keep a watchful eye.
For extremely fragile or valuable items like jewellery and important documents, don’t keep them on the van; rather, keep them on you at all times.

After the Move
When you arrive at your new home, make sure the boxes are taken straight from the van to the house and not left unattended at any point. Put your curtains and blinds up as soon as possible so people don’t see moving boxes and try to slip in and take them.

It’s a good idea to introduce yourself to the neighbours too; if you are on good terms, they are likely to keep an eye on your house when you are away, and you can return the favour.
For extra peace of mind, once you have moved in, make sure you change the locks – you don’t know how many duplicate keys were made by the previous owners. You should also fit in dead locks on doors and windows. Make sure that if you’re fitting on new doors and windows that they are fit for purpose and certified.

Get the Alarm Details
Your new house might have an alarm system installed, so make sure you get the manual from the sellers so you can change the existing password the previous owners used. If the house doesn’t have an alarm system, you want to have one installed for peace of mind.
When you’re out of the house, try and make the house look occupied by leaving the radio on so it sounds like people are home.

Spot the Security Weaknesses
Take a look around your new home and try to spot any security weaknesses. For example, is there a window without a lock that someone could climb through without being detected?

Worst-Case Scenario
These tips will greatly decrease the risk of burglary, but sometimes the worst can still happen. If you get home and notice signs of a break-in:
• Don’t enter the house or make noise; the burglar could still be inside.
• Go to the neighbour’s house and call the police – let them know you think they’re still inside.
• Even if you are certain the burglar has left, don’t touch anything as you could destroy valuable evidence.

Get Contents Insurance
Contents Insurance covers the damage to, or loss of your possessions while they are in the house. Again, if the worst happens make sure your home contents insurance covers your all of your valuables.

When you are in the middle of moving house, your possessions are in a vulnerable position as boxes are left out in the open and people are walking in and out of your house. Following our tips and hiring a reputable removal company will significantly decrease the likelihood of this happening, but if the worst still happens, make sure your contents insurance is in place and call the police immediately.

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