Spring into action with a home security makeover

Image of shed with rake leaning against it

Winter weather can wreak havoc on all aspects of our lives including our gardens and outdoor areas; storms, strong winds and torrential downpours can all have a negative impact on external security measures and exposed areas around the home.

With this in mind, having a security spring clean can help you discover any damage and identify any areas where your home security might need updating. Here, we’ve provided some top tips to help you keep your home secure and ready for the spring and summer months. 

Raise the alarm

Fitting a dedicated alarm is a great way to increase security in your outdoor storage areas, such as sheds or garden rooms. Standalone alarms are ideal for securing any outbuildings and protecting expensive outdoor equipment stored in them. This way you can be sure you’ll be alerted if you have any unwanted intruders. 

Love it? Then lock it

From brass models to protect tools kept in a shed, to heavy-duty versions for maximum security, padlocks are perfect if you want to add an extra layer of security to the areas outside your home. You can also fit them to gates to restrict access to your garden, but make sure you choose corrosion resist versions to ensure protection against extreme weather conditions. Also, check that your padlock meets European security standard (EN12320:2012) for best in security.

Keep an eye on it

Outdoor cameras can act as an effective deterrent to burglars and thanks to developments in smart home tech, you can always keep a check on your outdoor space via your smartphone. Today’s smart Wi-Fi cameras often offer HD recording, live viewing, and control via a smartphone app. Of course, if you have a large, expansive outdoor space, a full CCTV kit might be more suitable.

Key to success

As the weather starts to warm up, it can be tempting to keep doors and windows open throughout the day, to let fresh air in. Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to become relaxed about locking doors and window, which can lead to a door or window being left unlocked overnight, or when you go out – an open invitation to burglars.

Instead, make sure all doors and windows are locked even when you’re at home and especially when you’re out. Make it easier to check if your door is locked and your home is secure with a smart lock. With smart locks you can check your home is locked from anywhere and lock it, simply using an app, giving you peace of mind, and keeping you in control of your home security.