Security Tips For Looking After Your First Home

There’s absolutely nothing worse for your sense of comfort and safety than experiencing a break in while living in your first home, so it’s well worth concentrating on security upgrades during the first few months in your new property.

Security Technologies

Secure homes in the modern era don’t just make use of the smartest locks – they also boast impressive technologies to help prevent break-ins, such as CCTV, Alarms and doorbell cameras. All these make great additions to your home security. Consider smart technology to help secure your new home the best you can.

A study by showed the top 5 deterrents for burglars are :

  • having a burglar alarm system installed
  • having a dog in the home
  • people being in the property
  • CCTV
  • outdoor/sensor lights

Windows and Doors

In addition to considering the measures above, you should think about the security of your windows and doors. The doors and windows to your home are most vulnerable to break-ins, but it can be relatively simple to add or improve some security features in order to bolster your home’s security.


  • Adding new or more secure locks to your exterior doors. Have you changed the locks since moving in? It’s possible previous owners gave spare keys to friends or relatives.
  • Adding a chain or latch to the door in addition to a door viewer. A viewer will let you check who’s on the other side.
  • Replacing any single pane glass with double glazing. These windows are less likely to be broken by burglars.
  • Changing the window fixtures in your home to add secure locks that are more difficult to force open.
  • Ensuring keys or valuables can’t be seen through your letterbox. Keep valuables out of reach and opt for a letterbox with brushes or a cover plate to obscure what’s inside.

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