Security always remains our number one priority

While latest smart home technologies continue to capture attention, home security is one of the biggest influencers in the decision process when deciding whether to invest.

A connected security system is where users can get instant alerts if an intrusion is detected, manage visitors with a smart lock, and keep an eye on your home wherever you are in the world.

But it’s not the ‘cool’ factor that is proving to appeal – rather, we want smart home devices that are easy to set up and use, with an immediate functionality to solve every day, real issues, like protecting our homes from burglars.

According to the 2015 state of the smart home report, security and peace of mind were one of the top reasons to go home smart, with nine out of 10 of respondents saying it’s a reason for purchase – 69% would be hesitant with a smart home system that didn’t include security and 35% wouldn’t consider it at all.

Notably, the highest levels of interest were having connected thermostats, CCTV cameras, lights and door locks – all associated with home security.

The use of CCTV in the home is also an initiative backed by Police to help detect crimes. CCTV is a proven deterrent alongside alarms fitted for the opportunist who will soon move on to other homes if they realise they are being recorded and run the risk of being identified.

Another simple yet smart solution that is beginning to make an impact on home security is visual verification that offers an alarm system within a built in video camera. Anytime an alarm is activated, a ten second video clip is sent to a smart phone, whether it be a false alarm (which can be switched off) or to provide Police with real evidence of a crime being committed.

While this all works together to show how you are ready to adopt smart home technology, when it comes down to it, home security and providing peace of mind that our home, family and possessions are safe and secure is still, and will always be, your number one priority.

Our Guest Author


Ian Zeff is founder and Managing Director of Cryptex Security, following a career dedicated to security that saw him become the youngest ever Security Controller at Credit Suisse, Canary Wharf.

Cryptex Security installs and maintains CCTV, intruder alarm systems and access control and gives expert security advice for all types of premises, including homes, businesses, schools, places of worship and care homes.