Secure your home the smart way

The focus for this week’s National Home Security Month is smart security. Smart devices can help you protect, monitor and control your home, anywhere at any time, via a smartphone or tablet. This gives you added convenience and peace-of-mind that your home, family and belongings are safe.

From smart door locks to digital door viewers, remote access CCTV and IP Cameras to smart home alarms and exterior lighting, the security industry has come on leaps and bounds.

As NHSM’s headline sponsor, we’re sharing our top security tips on how to integrate the latest innovations into your home and how they can make every day life much easier.

  • Integrated alarm systems can send notifications, emails or even an image to a smartphone in the event that they are triggered.
  • For peace-of-mind, enable remote viewing of your CCTV from any location using a smartphone app by connecting the system to your router. For internal monitoring, consider an IP camera.
  • Invest in a smart lock that allows you to access your home via pin code, key card, key-tag, remote fob or even a smartphone, when connected to a smart home system.
  • To prevent distraction burglaries, use a digital door viewer to see who is at your door before opening it.
  • You can now even get smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that send alerts to your phone when it is detected!

All of these devices can work as standalone products or a complete integrated smart home system depending on your preference.

Our Guest Author

Yale UK

Yale is the market leader in the UK for home security and has been headline sponsor for the National Home Security Month campaign for the last five years.

Yale’s range of Smart Living devices take the hassle out of home security, giving you remote access to a range of devices to keep an eye on what matters most to you.