Recovering Stolen Valuables: Prevention Is Best

In the most recent ONS survey, it was reported that two in 100 households had been victims of domestic crime. This is a reduction in crime compared to the surveys conducted in the 1990s, where up to nine in 100 households had been victims.

Although the crime rates have fallen, many individuals are still losing items that are valuable to them for sentimental or monetary reasons. Returning home to find your valuables have been stolen can be a devastating experience. Once the initial shock has passed, the attention then turns to reporting the crime and trying to retrieve the items.

The recovery of stolen items presents a big challenge. A recent survey by All About Safes found that 78% of 1,200 British respondents did not believe that the police would recover their goods. Unfortunately, reports suggest that the rate of successful property recovery is actually even lower, at just 5-10%.

It is not surprising that recovering items is difficult, particularly when most crimes are crimes of opportunity that last just a few minutes and often leave no witnesses or CCTV footage to provide clues to the police. Even when a thief is caught and charged, there is still a very limited opportunity to retrieve the goods. Often, they have already been sold or disposed of, leaving the victim still at a loss.

With recovery being so challenging, the best solution is prevention. There are many simple deterrents that can be used and precautions taken that can protect your home and valuables.

Some of the simplest to implement include:

● Fitting a home alarm system and clearly displaying that you have one
● Installing CCTV cameras
● Securing valuable items and important documents, such as passports and birth certificates, in a home safe
● Marking your property and registering with Immobilise
● Ensuring that valuable items are not left on show to passersby

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All About Safes

Safe engineer by trade, Dean Ryan entered the safe industry over 15 years ago. He followed the footsteps of his father Tony Ryan and learnt from an award-winning safe cracker. Dean uses his unparalleled experience to provide both businesses and homeowners with the right safes for them through the family business All About Safes.