Protecting your home during the winter

Winter can pose various risks when it comes to your home. During the colder months of the year, high winds and plummeting temperatures can cause broken windows, destroy fences and cause insulation to fail.

Making sure your doors and windows are secure will help you reduce the chance of successful break-ins and improving your insulation will help you heighten your comfort levels. Additionally, strengthening your fence will help it stand up in the face of strong winds, and replacing old windows may be a wise move if funds are available.

Keep an eye out for burglars
Winter is a peak time for burglaries as a result of the darker evenings and so it’s important that you become extra vigilant during the colder months. There are a few simple ways you can secure your property and making sure doors are always locked, even if you’re inside your home, is one such way. Around three-quarters of all break-ins involve entry through a poorly-secured door, so ensuring your door has appropriate locks is paramount. Also, upgrading your locks is a wise move to make sure they haven’t become weaker or rusty in the winter weather. If you’re hiding a spare key anywhere, don’t leave it in an obvious place such as under the mat or in a plant pot. It may be best to leave the key with a friend, relative or neighbour. Visual deterrents such as alarms and CCTV can also work wonders for protecting your property. Why not also invest in security lighting or leave a light on when no-one is home. You can now buy lights on a timer and set them to come on whilst you are out to give the appearance of an occupied home. Burglars will target properties that look empty and easy to access. Don’t let yours fall into this category and invest in some of these simple security solutions.

Comfort and security
Security and comfort are two of the main concerns running through people’s minds during the winter months. If you are going to be away from your home, ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your home. Strengthening your windows and doors can help thwart burglars whilst heightening your comfort levels and trapping heat within the home.

Don’t be left out in the cold this winter.

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