Protect your perimeter with the NHSM guide to outdoor security

As we near the colder months of the year, most of us will be getting less and less use out of our gardens and outdoor areas. For most people, preparing our gardens for the winter will simple involve locking away the lawnmower in the shed and perhaps popping a new padlock on the gate; however, to help keep our gardens, outbuildings and homes secure over winter, it’s important to perform a full security check of your outdoor areas.  

From your perimeter to your outbuildings, external security is vital to keeping your home, family and possessions safe. In order to give you some guidance on where to start your outdoor security audit, we’ve given you a few helpful tips on the main areas to focus on;

✔️ Check that your rear or side gate is secured with a weatherproof padlock and hasp, and that it’s still securely attached to the gatepost. If you spot signs that your hasp is loose, or that your padlock is showing signs of corrosion, then replace them with a new unit as soon as possible.

✔️ Move any tools or ladders into a locked shed or garage, or if this isn’t possible, try to secure them to a ground anchor point. This prevents them being used to break into your home!

✔️ Position any bins away from flat-roofed areas. Thieves will often look for ways to gain access to areas like a roof, which can keep them hidden whilst they break in and can potentially lead to an area without alarm coverage, such as a bedroom.

✔️ Consider your shed or garage security. If you have a number of valuable items inside, it could be worth investing in a specific outbuilding alarm system, and if the shed or garage has a solid foundation, you can look at installing ground anchor points to give you an extra level of protection.

✔️ Decide on whether you need additional security. A CCTV system can cover all angles of your home and can ward off any potential intruders, whilst visible alarm boxes were found to be the number one deterrent to prospective burglars.