New Technology vs. Home Security

Technology is something that we see in our daily lives, and over the period of the last two decades the advancements we have seen have been astounding. Not only have we advanced at a rapid pace but the types of technology that now present themselves to us, make for a tighter need to ramp up our security measures.

The biggest issue facing home security in the 21st century is the Internet because this allows anyone access to private and confidential information. Google’s Street View alone is a fantastic asset to thieves because they get to closely observe your house and look for any potential weaknesses or planned routes to get inside, without actually needing to visit it. Along with street view, there are also social media channels that can be exploited, especially Twitter.

Put these two together and you have a whole host of problems on your hand.

Opportunities and Challenges for Home Security
Twitter, as mentioned, poses several risks, the first is that any tweet can be seen around the world. If you are posting tweets about an upcoming holiday with your location attached to that tweet then you are basically calling out to local burglars by loudspeaker: “Hey, I’m going away, my name is John Doe, I live in this neighbourhood!”

It won’t take too long for a clever thief to find out where you live, and then they can tap into Google’s Street View technology to better view your premises. To combat this we shouldn’t be putting anything on social media about holidays, unfortunately, Street View is something we cannot control, however, there is a solution to this.

Benefits of a home security system
A highly advanced bit of technology like a home security system has many benefits. For the first benefit, we have to revisit Google’s Street View. You see, thieves will analyse your house to see how easy it is to get into and what kind of security you have. Instantly they will see that your home is fitted with a high-end security system that will put the majority of thieves off targeting your house, instead, they will look for another house that is easier to crack.

Secondly, if you come to sell your house you will also be adding value to it by installing a security system, and it’s not hard to find some free conveyancing quotes online, that can help you start that process off.

Finally, you have the peace-of-mind in knowing that should any break-in happen while you are on holiday, that this alarm will trigger a call to the local police and the thieves would scarper off down the road, never to return.

Not only that, but neighbours will also be on high alert for you, so this advanced security system brings the neighbourhood together.

In this technologically advanced age that we live in, it’s important that you use technology to your advantage in the protection and safety of your home. Investing in home security means you are always staying one step ahead of savvy thieves who are also trying to exploit technology for negative reasons. Technology is consistently growing and it’s up to you as a homeowner to keep a keen eye on how it unfolds.

Our Guest Author


This article was written by property investor, Andy Bell. His investments and saving experience has made him an expert in the field.