MythBusters: Common Burglary Myths Uncovered

Last year, crime statistics revealed that around 4,433 robberies took place in the UK in November alone. This number is frightening and makes you wonder why people aren’t protecting their homes sufficiently.

There is a lot of good information available on protecting your property against burglaries, but there is also a lot of false information.

Many of these myths have the potential to be dangerous, as believing them could lead to you making problematic mistakes with your security. To help you avoid becoming another burglary statistic, we’ve delved into some of the most common myths and revealed the truth surrounding them.

Myth #1 – Burglars Only Break In During the Night
Burglars always break in during the night, right? They only target houses when it’s dark outside? Wrong. Despite what crime movies would lead us to believe, it’s far more likely that a break-in will occur during the day. By coming during the day, they are going to avoid people who are out at work.

Myth #2 – They Will Break In Through a Window
Another myth lifted straight from the script pages of Hollywood is that burglars will enter your home by smashing their way through a window. Whilst they could do this, it’s more probable that they will enter through a front door. An unlocked front door.

Myth #3 – Crime Doesn’t Happen in your Area
“Crime definitely doesn’t happen in this area” – the famous last words of someone who wakes up to find that their house has been broken into. Unfortunately, crime happens to those who don’t secure their home properly, no matter what area they live in. It’s not enough to live in a good neighbourhood – you need to have adequate security and carry out regular checks on devices.

Educating yourself on the facts and fiction of burglary myths is the first step in protecting your home. The second step? Investing in high quality security that will protect you and your family.

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