Make sure your Halloween is all treats and no tricks

Halloween is coming up and that counts for some spooky, fun times ahead! With cleverly dressed characters going from door-to-door spreading the Halloween love (and cheekily asking for candy too), this is the time where you really need to make sure you stay alert and engage in the festive holiday safely.

As a result, OWLR, have put together these tips to help you ensure that your Halloween is all treats and no tricks!

Check your treats
Most of us like a good sugar rush but we should also be concerned with what exactly has been handed out. Carefully check what has been given and, to stay on the safe side, consider getting rid of anything that is not in packaging.

Make the night bright
To keep a mindful eye on your kids, try adding a little bit of glow to their outfits by using torches or glow sticks. This will allow you to spot them easier in the dark while you trick-o-treat.

The More the Merrier
Make sure your children are supervised and are travelling in a crowd if they are trick-o-treating.

Map the route
Discuss with your child the route they will be undertaking on their mission to fill up their bags with sweets. Remind them to stick to the planned route or they may encounter an unwanted friend.

Dial a parent
Make sure your child has a way of getting in contact with you while they are out and about to let you know that they are okay.

No lights, goodnight
If a house does not have its lights on, it is likely that the homeowners are not home or that they don’t want trick-o-treaters coming to the door.

Keep to the crossings
Your child or yourself may be dressed as a superhero but that does not mean you have super powers and are invincible to traffic. Ensure that street signs and crossings are still respected.

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Hailing from the opposite side of the world, Julia D’Orazio is part of the crew at London based start up DIY security solution pioneers for the IoT age – OWLR. When she isn’t tweeting about how you can better your security, she is helping OWLR spread its wings in and around the UK.