Make home security your New Year’s priority

A recent study by the Telegraph has found that the most popular New Year’s resolutions are to exercise more, lose weight and to eat more healthily. Yet, despite joining the gym and hiding away all of the Christmas chocolate, only 8% of us successfully achieve our resolutions.*

So why not make a resolution you can keep this year and make a commitment to improving your home security.

Not only is enhancing your home security an easier resolution to keep, it only takes a few simple steps to make a significant difference and doesn’t have to break the bank. And it’s a price worth paying for the added peace of mind that your family, home and belongings are safe.

As a result, we’re providing you with just a few simple ways you can advance your home security solutions in 2017.

Lock in the basics

Changing the locks on all your external doors is a quick and easy job that is relatively cheap to do. By simply upgrading the rim cylinder in your nightlatch, or the euro profile cylinder in a multi-point lock, you can be assured that your property has the very latest security protection.

Nightlatches are used on external timber doors and a good way to improve your security is by fitting a rim cylinder that meets British Standard 3621 (look for the Kitemark on lock packs and the lock itself).

You can also replace your cylinder by simply unscrewing the nightlatch, removing the existing cylinder and replacing with the British Standard version. All rim cylinders are a standard size, so you should be able to replace your existing cylinder easily.

If you have a PVCu or composite door, then you can upgrade the euro profile cylinder in your multi-point lock to a British Standard cylinder (again, look for the Kitemark on lock packs and on the lock itself).

Keep alert

Another straightforward DIY job is to fit a wireless home alarm system. As well as providing a visual deterrent to potential burglars, alarms are great for alerting you and your neighbours to a disturbance. Security specialist Yale has a range of EasyFit and Smart Home alarms that offer discreet protection for all types of properties.

Make smart choices

With the rise of the smart home, smart security has developed considerably over the last year giving the modern homeowner a new way to monitor and secure your property. Now you can buy smart door locks, CCTV systems, and home alarms that notify you to any disturbances or potential intruders when connected to a smartphone, sending alerts, emails and even images of your home once triggered.

Additionally, at the touch of a button you can view your property anytime from anywhere, see where in the house the alarm has been triggered and even who has entered your property and when. To find out more about smart security products, please visit

And don’t forget…

Dustbin collections over the New Year period are often at different times, so remember to take note of any changes and try not to put your rubbish out until the correct date to avoid thieves canvassing which homes are the most attractive target. It is also a good idea to take the labels off boxes to avoid advertising your Christmas gifts to burglars who may be window-shopping in your street.