Locked and Loaded – keeping your doors and windows secured this National Home Security Month

Usually the first thing that you will think of when you’re looking to secure your home will be the front door; but how clued up are you on how secure your doors are?

As we head toward the darker nights of winter, now is the perfect time to complete a simple security audit of your home – starting with your doors. In order to give you some guidance on where to begin, we’ve shared our top tips for ensuring that your doors and windows are locked up tight. Make sure that you’re locked up securely by checking the following; 

✔️ A secure cylinder is vitally important for door security. Most good cylinders in the UK are rated three star, and Kitemarked, making them easily recognisable. If you aren’t using a Kitemarked cylinder, it’s likely that your locks are at a higher risk of failing under common forms of attack such as picking or snapping, so consider changing them to boost your security.

✔️ Lock-snapping is a common entry method for thieves. Look out for signs that your cylinder is vulnerable, such as how far it sticks out (vulnerable cylinders stick out more than the depth of a pound coin) and whether you have a floppy door handle. If either of these is the case, then look to replace the cylinder as soon as possible.

✔️ Ensure you’re always locking your doors and windows. It sounds like a basic tip, but many of us get into the habit of leaving windows and doors unlocked, especially if they’re in hard to reach places. However, these areas are often harder to keep an eye on, making them a prime target for thieves, and by leaving your windows or doors unlocked you could even be risking your insurance cover if you do become a victim of a break in.

✔️ You could consider whether it’s time to update to a smart lock. These modern devices are accessed by a smartphone, key fob or PIN code, with some models removing the risk of a picking or lock snapping attack by preventing access to the cylinder. Smart locks are also able to tell you whenever you’ve left a door unlocked, meaning you’ll never forget to secure your home again.

✔️ Check your windows are all fitted with locks, and if they aren’t, consider fitting some form of lock to them. This is especially important for the more easily accessible ground floor windows, which are often a thieves first target as they check around a home, due to a higher likelihood of them being unlocked, or even remaining without a lock entirely.