Lock up as the clocks go back

As the nights draw in and the evenings get darker, now’s the time to tighten up your outside security.

Statistics show there’s a surge in burglaries when the clocks go back, particularly around Halloween and Bonfire Night. But a few simple security measures can help to keep your outdoor areas, garden and shed secure.

Nowadays, a typical shed can house a wealth of expensive goods – bicycles, tools, a valuable barbeque or lawnmower full of petrol. And with the popularity of outdoor living and alfresco dining, homeowners are storing more and more expensive patio furniture.

Keeping your outdoor valuables secure is more important than ever, so here are a few simple tips to minimise the risk of crime…

1. Secure fences, boundaries and gateways with heavy duty, weatherproof key or combination padlocks.

2. Lock items to floors or walls and prevent them from being easily taken. Use ground and wall anchors combined with strong lock and chain sets.

3. Items inside your shed – like tools and ladders – can be used by thieves to break into your home. Always choose a high quality padlock and hasp, hasp and staple set or combination locking bolt to secure your shed.

4. Don’t forget the ‘hinge’ side of the door, burglars may prize a door from the hinge side if the lock side is the stronger. Use non-return/security screws where necessary.

5. ‘Up and over’ garage doors can be secured by using T-handle locks or garage door defenders as a visible deterrent against thieves. Or fit padlocks through the inside runners or a hasp and staple with a padlock either side of the door.

6. Look for security products that carry the Sold Secure seal of approval, this means they’ve passed rigorous tests by a recognised independent testing and certification body.

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