Lighting, the simple solution to dark nights

The long days of summer are now behind us and the nights are drawing in. With winter fast approaching it is time to banish the darkness with the clever use of lighting, giving you peace of mind in the months ahead.

We all want to feel safe in our homes and it is widely accepted that outdoor lighting does diminish the chance of house burglaries. But where do you start?

The first step is to identify where to place your lighting, in particular think about
doorways, the garage area and the corners of your house. Consider a wall light in the porch or above your front door to be greeted by a safe and bright entrance.

For secure access to your property, post and pedastal light, as well as embedded spotlights, can illuminate driveways and pathways. If you do not wish your lighting to remain on all night then opt for security lighting equipped with a PIR sensor, designed to alert you to movement. Whatever your choice, ensure the lighting is IP45 rated which means they are intended for outside use.

Advances in LED technology now mean that it is even easier to use your internal lighting for soft security purposes too. Connected lighting gives you the ability to control your lighting remotely via a smart device, as well as use location services to ensure that your porch or hallway lights switch on automatically as you approach your home.

With connected lighting you can automate your lights completely to make it seem like you’re home when you’re not. But remember few of us follow a strict pattern when it comes to turning our lights on and off in the evening and so you may want to set rooms to light up at different times.

Our Guest Author

Philips Hue

Anne-Marie is responsible for Philips Lighting’s broad portfolio of stylish products for the home. A particular focus is the Philips Hue range which enables you to control light using your smart device to easily play with colour or experiment with shades of white.