Keep Your Community Safe with Neighbourhood Watch

Collaboration in community

We spend money on the latest smart tech and outdoor security, but relying on our local community could take home security to the next level

We live in an age where connectivity and efficiency are highly valued. And when it comes to security, that’s a good thing—it means that we can stay switched on to what’s happening when we’re away from home. But don’t banish traditional methods to the dark ages.

Having the whole street keeping an eye out for each other can have a huge effect on keeping burglars at bay. In fact, areas with Neighbourhood Watch schemes in place experience 11% fewer crimes than areas with none.*

But there are other reasons to join Neighbourhood Watch, too.

Here are four reasons to join or start a scheme in your area now:

It brings the community together

For a Neighbourhood Watch scheme to really work, it requires open dialogue throughout the local community. So, if you don’t know your neighbours, or you’re new to the area, it’s the perfect way to get to know people.

You’ll get to know your local police officers

The police are actively involved in Neighbourhood Watch schemes, so joining up will enable you to get to know your local officer and hear more about community safety initiatives.

It’ll give you a sense of wellbeing

It’s widely known that carrying out voluntary work in the community aids wellbeing. So, for the small effort of watching out for anything untoward on your street (which most of us do anyway!), you’ll be rewarded with the knowledge that you are actively helping to keep people safe.

You’ll feel safer in your own home

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you are safe and being watched over by caring neighbours. Being part of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme helps you achieve just that, with the added benefit of making new friends in your area.

Are you thinking about joining your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme? Find out more about it, here.

image of a neighbourhood with neighbourhood watch area.

*Nottingham Trent University