Keep the Outside of Your Property Secure

To keep you and your loved ones safe and sound inside your home, the best thing you can do is secure the outside. With a strong entrance at the front of your property, you’ll have an excellent first line of defence to keep out any unwanted intruders. 

Additionally, there are many actions you can take to improve the security of your home even further. While these may seem like small steps, they’ll soon mount up and make a considerable improvement, so you can enjoy total peace of mind. 

Secrecy is key 

We all want to shout about our next holiday on social media, but try not to make it obvious when your house will be empty – you never know who could be watching. Also, if you’re getting friends to look after your pets or water your plants, don’t leave keys under doormats or plant pots. Sneaky burglars know these common places to check.

Secure every part of your property 

Remember to keep your shed or outbuilding securely locked. Many homeowners overlook these structures and don’t keep them as well defended, meaning any valuables inside are easy to get at. What’s more, any tools or equipment you keep in your shed could be exploited by potential intruders to try and force their way into your home.

Make smart decisions 

A sturdy front door is a reliable physical barrier, but you can increase its effectiveness even further with the addition of the latest technology. Smart features like smart locks mean you can check the status of your front door from your phone. Doorbell cameras are connected to your phone via an app and allow you to see everyone who comes to your door, no matter where you are, so you can stay in complete control 24/7.

These actions are small yet highly effective. Securing your property isn’t just about a tough front door – though that certainly helps. By maintaining your privacy online, storing keys and valuables out of reach, and making use of the latest smart technology, you can keep you and your loved ones safer than ever. 

About the Author

Endurance composite doors are renowned for their strength and security. With their cutting-edge design, they are up to 10% thicker than others on the market for total peace of mind. Using an innovative online door designer, homeowners can create their perfect composite door, choosing from a range of styles, colours, finishes and hardware accessories.