How you can choose the best CCTV Cameras for your home

the right cctv camera for you

When it comes to upgrading your home security, a new alarm, the addition of security lighting and, more recently, smart doorbells, have become the ‘go to’ solutions when it comes to making necessary home improvements.

But CCTV has long been the perfect home security upgrade, particularly during the winter months, when keeping an eye on your home when you’re out and about is paramount to keep the opportunists at bay.

Not only are security cameras an effective visual deterrent, but, with the introduction of a range of smart solutions, they are also a handy gadget to allow you to keep tabs on your home from anywhere with your smartphone. And with a wide range of CCTV cameras on the market, it’s essential to ensure you choose the best solution to suit your home.

So, to give a helping hand this National Home Security Month, the home security experts at Yale have shared their advice on what to look out for when choosing your new CCTV cameras, so you can pick the perfect option for you.

Location, location, location

It’s essential to understand where you will be placing your security cameras before choosing your CCTV, as this can inform the best option for your needs.

For example, if you have a large stretch of land or big garden that you want to keep an eye on, we recommend opting for a camera which has a larger range, as this will be better equipped to protect your home throughout the day and night.

Most CCTV kits now come with a range of different camera options, usually ranging from 2 to 8 cameras, which make personalising your camera kit even easier.

With Yale’s Smart CCTV kits, you can keep a check on all external areas of your property, allowing you to monitor them with ease from your smartphone.

For keeping an eye on the entrance to your home, you can also have a dedicated front door security camera to monitor any wanted, or unwanted, visitors to your home. Our Front Door Camera is a great option to ensure the front of your home stays looking aesthetically pleasing whilst keeping an eye on any comings or goings. What’s more, you can even chat to delivery drivers or guests via the two-way talk functionality, and the built-in spotlight is also efficient at providing clear footage of your home around the clock.

The functionality

When choosing your new CCTV system, you should also consider the functionalities you require to ensure you get the most from your camera.

We would recommend checking the IP rating of your kit, which ensures that the camera can withstand the Great British all-weather seasons. All our security cameras are either IP65 or IP67 rated, so you’re safe in the knowledge your camera footage will be clear and crisp, come rain or shine.

If you find yourself out of the house regularly, a smart system is also a worthy investment, allowing you to always be in the know over what’s happening at home through smartphone functionality.

A security camera with motion detection functionality is also a great option. This means that if any visitors, delivery drivers or unwanted opportunists head to your door, this will immediately be picked up by your camera, and notify you of this motion via your smartphone.

The installation

With a range of smart security cameras available on the market, there are also a variety of ways these can be installed. Some kits have simple DIY installation to provide a quick and easy setup to start protecting your home right away, such as the Yale All-in-One Camera. This handy security camera is quick and easy to set up and can easily be attached to the outside of your home.

The installation of a wired system that has a range of cameras can prove a bit trickier for a DIYer, so may require a professional installer to fit your CCTV. When purchasing from a brand like Yale, there is an option to have a professional install the camera, which offers the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your new CCTV system is correctly set up and in the perfect position for the layout of your home.

With such a range of CCTV camera options on the market, it’s important to do your research and understand your needs before making a purchase. Being such an effective first line of defence for your home, it’s essential that you choose the best security cameras to suit your needs and requirements.

At Yale, all of our outdoor security cameras, including the Smart CCTV kits and All In One Cameras, come, as standard, with an ‘Image Masking’ feature, which is controlled via the handy Yale View App.

When setting up your cameras, the image masking functionality allows users to simply select the areas that need to be covered by the motion detection feature, whilst ignoring any others that do not require camera coverage.

Not only does this provide complete control for users, but homeowners can also ensure they are complying with privacy laws and not collecting footage from neighbouring homes.

Yale also provides window stickers in all its CCTV or security camera kits to allow homeowners to clearly display that their home is being monitored, ensuring that they are taking responsibility for not encroaching on a neighbour’s privacy.

We would always advise anyone using outdoor cameras to make sure the position of your cameras comply with your legal obligations under the data protection laws. More information on this can be found on the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) website.

For more information about how you can choose the best CCTV cameras for your home, or for further details on the National Home Security Month campaign, please explore the website or follow #NHSM21 on social media.