How to Stop your Home being a Target for Burglars

Nobody wants to be the victim of a break in and while there’s nothing that will 100% prevent this, there are some things you can try to deter a burglar. Burglars are often opportunistic and tend to choose houses that are easy to break into, so it’s a good idea to make your house as secure as possible.

Here are five tips to help stop your home being a target;

Don’t leave empty packaging outside

It can be hard to fit all boxes into a recycling bin, especially around Christmas and birthdays. But if a burglar sees an expensive laptop box sat on the pavement next to your bin, they might be tempted to try their luck breaking in to steal it.

Install a security camera  

If a burglar sees you’ve got a security camera, they may be put off trying to break in. They won’t want to risk bring caught or identified. Make sure you make it clear that you have a camera watching your property by using signs.

Don’t leave valuable items in site of a window

If your phone, laptop or jewellery are visible from the road and within arm’s reach, there is nothing stopping a burglar from breaking a window and grabbing what they can. Try to leave them somewhere discreet, or if you have a safe then leave them in there.

Don’t leave a spare key outside

Burglars know that people do this, they will search in all the obvious areas; under plant pots, in hanging baskets and under the doormat, they even know to check for the fake rocks people sometimes use.

Don’t post on social media if you are away from home

Even if your account is private, you don’t know who’s seeing your posts. Most burglaries are committed by someone living close to you. So don’t advertise that your home is empty whilst away!

These are just 5 things you can do, for more tips visit !

About the Author

Kim Freeman has been a Marketing Executive at Keytek Locksmiths for six years and has written countless blogs on home security and locksmith services. Keytek are committed to providing the public with the most comprehensive home security advice out there and Kim has been instrumental in pushing this forward.