How To Make Homes and Businesses Less Attractive To Burglars?

Image of door handle and lock being replaced.

It is a common misconception to think that being the victim of a burglary is just bad luck. This is because, in most cases, there is always at least one noticeable security measure, or lack of it, that has made the property a target. The best advice to give to anyone that is looking to improve the security of their property to help prevent burglary is to ensure that they have made their property as secure as it can be.

To do this, existing security measures need to be assessed to see what can be improved upon. In most cases burglars are put off by homes and businesses that have considerable security measures, therefore they are less likely to choose that property as their target.

Burglars often walk around an area to pinpoint properties that they feel have weak enough security measures for it to be an easy target. Therefore, it is the security measures that are visible from the outside of a property that works best at deterring burglars from attempting a break-in in the first place.

Below are some visible security measures that act as a deterrent to potential burglars:

Visible Security Measures

  • Maximum security locks
  • Window locks
  • Multiple locks
  • Lock guards
  • Security grilles
  • CCTV
  • Alarms
  • Maximum security padlocks

Security Measures That Make Access Difficult

  • Hinge bolts
  • Door bolts
  • Birmingham bars
  • London bars
  • Snap-Safe Locks

Although some of these security measures can’t be seen by burglars from the outside of a property, should they choose to break-in it would certainly make it much more difficult; and these measures could be the difference between a break-in and an attempted break-in.

Most local locksmiths offer free home security assessments during which weaknesses in security measures can be identified and improvements can be made. It is always worth contacting a professional to help with security improvements to keep the burglars at bay.

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