How to keep your garage secure

When you add up the contents of the average garage — gardening equipment, power tools, bicycles, and not to mention cars — it can amount to an impressive sum of money. Keeping your garage secure is therefore of the utmost importance, especially if it is connected to your home through an internal door. Here are some tips on how to ensure your garage security.

The first thing to consider when planning the security of your garage is whether or not it is overlooked. If you have a detached garage which faces onto an alleyway, it will be a particularly tempting target to burglars, and you should take extra precautions to secure it. You should also avoid storing anything of huge value in it.

No matter where your garage is located, the easiest and most effective way of protecting it is to upgrade the door and locks. Your garage door should be certified to at least security level 1 by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and have a lock which has a SS312 Sold Secure Diamond rating and a 3 star TS007:2012 British Kitemark rating. If your garage door hasn’t been upgraded in a while, replacing it is the most effective step you can make in securing your garage.

The most secure garage doors are sectional doors made from insulated, galvanised steel. Generally speaking, opting for a door with no windows is your best bet, as you don’t want to advertise to thieves that your car is gone and your home is likely empty.
If your garage has windows, you should ensure they’re made with toughened or laminated double-glazing with an obscure outer pane and have a good-quality lock. As they are one of the most common points of entry for burglars, it’s important to make sure your windows are just as secure as your garage door.

If worst comes to worst and an intruder does manage to enter your garage, you don’t want to give them easy access to the rest of your home as well, so make sure not to forget about the internal door connecting your garage to your home. This door should be as secure as your front door and be made from either solid-core wood or reinforced steel or uPVC. It should also have a wide-angled peep hole, so if you do hear a noise coming from your garage, you won’t have to open the door to investigate it.

If you’re looking for an extra level of security, invest in a garage defender. A garage defender is a solid steel base you can install which locks an up-and-over garage door in place, making it impossible to open. It also provides a strong visual deterrent which will prevent all but the most determined of thieves from attempting entry to your garage.
To ensure maximum security for your garage, install motion-activated security lights and CCTV cameras which face on to its entry points. If you store a cherished or expensive car in your garage, this could be a good investment to make, as it will almost guarantee its safety.

Upgrade your garage security to these standards, and you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve done everything you possibly can to ensure its security.

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