How the home security market will change in 2018

It’s a new year, and with it, comes a whole host of new home security innovations and trends to look out for. Once upon a time a strong mortice lock was the home security product of choice. But times have changed. Nowadays, homeowners are looking for solutions that give them instant peace of mind that their homes are protected.

Here are our five predictions for how we see the home security market evolving in 2018:

1. More importance will be placed on product quality and standards in particular. Savvy shoppers will be looking for a stamp of quality as they become more aware of the British Kitemark logo and initiatives such as Secured by Design.

2. In addition, this will also means we are shifting from cheaper, commodity purchases in favour of high end solutions. This will be primarily driven by consumers doing their homework online before purchasing.

This also highlights the importance of brand and reputation. Consumers turn to familiar brands in slower markets as they are more inclined to pay for a product that is associated with a well-known reputation, as they see the product they are receiving is of a higher quality.

3. Security companies will offer more standalone security solutions that don’t require hardwiring. This is in response to the growing rental market that want to protect their belongings but can’t make permanent changes to the property they live in. For example, a simple standalone alarm system can sit on a shelf or table.

4. There will also be a rise in the number of app-based security systems as the Smart Home market flourishes. The smart home security market was worth an estimated $920 million in 2017* and is only set to grow. This demonstrates the demand for remote access security including Smart Door Locks, Smart Home Alarm and CCTV systems.

5. Similarly, there will be an increase in biometric security. Fingerprints have been commonplace for a while now but facial recognition will become more prominent in 2018- think the latest Face ID in the new iPhone X. In fact, Apple estimates that the chances of another face matching and bypassing Face ID security is one in a million.

2018 will be the year that home security will see considerably more adoption as a result of comprehensive home security systems and smart solutions. This will encourage a shift in how home security is perceived from being a boring, mainly reactive purchase, instead encouraging a lifestyle change that promotes remote access for additional peace of mind.

*IHS Market