How Secure is Your Home?

Image of two security guards.

According to official crime figures (1), there were 422,870 burglaries carried out in the UK last year

The financial implications of being burgled are clear but perhaps, less obviously, burglary can have a profound effect on victims who often describe it as ‘robbery’ or an ‘invasion’ of their home – expressions that relate to the deep personal impact that burglary can have on someone who experiences it.

Now, a new online home security assessment, backed by home security expert Michael Fraser, can help homeowners protect their property against intrusion.

The assessment comprises a series of questions highlighting common home security vulnerabilities.

At the end of a ‘security rating’ is calculated and further security advice is provided to help participants safeguard their property and reduce the chance of being burgled.

Michael Fraser is best known for co-presenting the BBC’s “To Catch a Thief” and “Beat the Burglar” and as the principal mentor in C4’s “Going Straight”. As a youngster in care, he came within a whisker of receiving a custodial sentence for committing burglary.

Michael was consulted on the development of the online home security assessment, which he has described as a “very useful tool highlighting the risks we all face of becoming a victim of crime.”

He advises homeowners to “stand outside the back and the front of your house and pretend you are locked out. Look at the house and identify the weaknesses which would help you get back in. If you can identify any vulnerabilities, then rest assured a burglar will spot them immediately.”

Unwittingly we may be giving burglars a green light to enter our homes but by implementing some very simple security measures, we can all help avoid break-ins. Most homeowners know their property weaknesses already but simply don’t bother to fix them. By keeping our properties safe and secure we can all ensure we’re not a target for burglars.

Take the Safe Site Security Solutions test to find out how secure your home is:

About the Author

Rosie Gooch is a content writer for SafeSite Security Solutions, who provide security products and services to residential and commercial property owners. Her writing spans all aspects of home security from protecting a listed building to making fire safety measures at vacant properties.

Source: Office of National Statistics, Crime in England and Wales: year ending March 2019