Home security is more affordable than ever

10 years ago, home security choices for consumers were limited to say the least. The only options available were to use a professional installer, which could get quite pricey or attempt to install a difficult DIY system. With the lack of choices and potential expense, this had an effect on homeowners investing in security systems, leaving properties vulnerable to burglaries.

Today in 2017 there are many products available for the consumer and protecting your home or business is more affordable than ever. DIY products are also getting easier to install with security systems being designed with you in mind.

Here are some home security options available on the market.

Exterior CCTV – from £230
Wired exterior CCTV is one of the more difficult to install. But, if you’re up to the challenge, it will be more than worth it. In a recent report homes with CCTV are 90% less likely to be burgled.

DIY Wireless Alarms – from £170
With the use of wireless technology, DIY alarm installation is a growing trend and offer many financial benefits. No monthly fee’s, Affordable equipment & No installation fee.

Interior WIFI Cameras – from £70
Interior WIFI cameras are great and one of the easiest options to install. Unbox, plug into a power socket, connect through an app and it’s live. Footage can be stored on memory card locally or to your phone for free.

Euro Cylinders – from £10
The Euro lock is the weakest point on a UPVC or composite door. Why not upgrade it to an anti-snap, anti pick, anti-bump product. This does not require professional installation and is easier than you may think. Make sure the replacement is branded with British Kitemark symbol.

Exterior Lighting – £30
Exterior lighting is not only cost effective but one of the best was to deter a burglar. By adding a motion activated light you won’t only protect your home, you’ll also be able to find your keys easier on a dark night!

Exterior padlocks – from £5
Improve your exterior security by changing or fitting a padlock to a rear gate or shed. This will make it more difficult to enter your garden and will help deter thieves.

All of these Items can be purchased at an affordable price and easily fitted, increasing your homes security and decreasing your chance of being a victim of crime.

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