Four Easy Ways To Keep Your Bike Safe

Person putting their bike into a bike stand with a Yale bike lock

The 2019 Tour de France is underway, inspiring cyclists all over the UK to get out on their bikes and enjoy the open summer roads. But this idyllic scene is often ruined by bicycle thieves. In fact, cycle theft is at almost epidemic levels across the country, with police reporting that around one in 50 bicycle-owning households are victims of cycle theft each year.*

So, what can you do to stop your bicycle getting stolen from home? We’ve put together a list of the top four bicycle security measures.

Get some secure storage

For many people, the main barrier against bicycle theft is a wooden garden shed. With their basic construction and exposed lock, is it really the best protection for your two-wheeled transport? We don’t think so. Instead, consider a purpose-built metal bike store, these secure units provide multiple padlocking points and are built with galvanised steel – all making it much harder for a thief to get into.

Invest in a quality lock

It wasn’t so long ago that bike locks were cumbersome and susceptible to attack from any thief with a decent set of cable cutters. Fortunately, times have changed, and there is a multitude of locks that are incredibly strong, without being heavy or unwieldy. For the very best protection, look out for the Sold Secure Gold-standard approval – discover the range of bike locks available on the Yale Website.

Get smart with an alarm

The rise of smart technology has given us the chance to go wireless with our security systems, meaning it’s easier than ever to alarm your bike storage. Kitting out your home with a smart alarm such as Yale Sync Smart Home alarm will not only keep your house secure, but it also has a 200 metre range so connecting up additional wireless sensors to the bike store is possible.

Store your front wheel in the house

Removing the front wheel of your bicycle only takes a couple of minutes at the most, and it will act as a real deterrent to any thief that manages to breach the lock on your cycle storage. Get into the habit of removing the wheel before you lock the bicycle up after a ride. Then, store the front wheel somewhere in your home – under the stairs is an ideal spot – and relax in the knowledge that your bicycle is now less likely to get stolen.

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*The Guardian