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Alarms and security cameras are a common sight across homes in the UK, being there to help homeowners protect what matters most to them. And although these gadgets are an effective way of improving your home’s security, a simple front door security upgrade can have just as much impact in protecting a property and can often be forgotten.

In fact, recent statistics from Yale have shown that 23% of burglaries occur through the front door1, so it’s wise that homeowners prioritise this part of the home to offer a first line of defence to their property.

So, to ensure your front door is securely protecting your property, the experts at Security Hardware have shared their ‘must-have’ products to keep what matters most to you secure.

Door locks

Door locks and cylinders are one of the most important elements of creating an effective door security system. A door lock is the ‘key’ element to ensuring your front door can protect against a range of burglary attack methods.

Such attack methods have grown in sophistication over the years, with security providers having to regularly adapt their products to ensure that they can provide sufficient protection.

The experts at Security Hardware always recommend that homeowners opt for door locks and cylinders from trusted brand names on the market. These brands typically have had many years of experience in the lock making industry, whilst they also provide reassurance for homeowners as their products must be tested to the highest industry standards.

For cylinders, our experts would always recommend that a door lock meets the ‘3-star’ level of protection, the highest rating available for such products. Whether this is through opting for a 3-star security cylinder or a 2 star cylinder and 1 star door handle, a secure door is as easy as 1,2,3.

Door handles

After years of wear and tear, uPVC doors are prone to becoming less effective over time. A ‘floppy’ door handle is a common sight amongst uPVC doors, and this can signal to thieves that your home security isn’t up to scratch.

A new handle can not only bring a fresh lease of life to a tired-looking door, but it’s also an essential part of the doorset that protects a home and all its valuables. Ensuring that a door handle is secure and fully functioning should be a prime focus for the autumn, winter months ahead.

When deciding on a door handle, it’s important to opt for a product that offers heightened security, as this will ensure the handle works side by side with your door lock to effectively keep any criminals out.

Door guards

Another simple security tip to upgrade your door security for the autumn, winter months ahead is by considering a door guard.

Distraction burglaries, where a criminal pretends to be someone they’re not to gain easy access to a property, still occur across the UK, with the elderly generation being particularly vulnerable to this kind of burglary tactic. Door guards are a great addition to a front door to stop these criminals pushing past homeowners, allowing them to speak to doorstep visitors without putting themselves and their home at risk.

Opting for a high security door guard effectively restricts the opening of doors, and provides additional security on the front door, helping to protect against attempted forced entry.

Letterbox restrictor

Another effective security addition to the front door is a letterbox restrictor. These are cost-effective accessories for the front door, leading to reduced chance of a letterbox burglary.

A letterbox offers an easy entryway to a property for opportunists to quickly grab keys, wallets and other valuables on window sills or console tables nearby to the front door. With vehicle burglary on the rise, a criminal could easily use a thin piece of wire or even their arm to grab car keys in the door or resting nearby, making off with your pride and joy in seconds.

Installing a letterbox restrictor works to restrict how far the flap of a letterbox can open, ensuring even the craftiest of criminals can’t push their hands through the space in search for keys or valuables.

Sash blockers

Sash blockers are a security accessory that can often be forgotten, but they can really help to improve the security of a front door and a home.

Sash blockers are easy to fit and operate, making the perfect addition to a uPVC door, and are a low cost security solution for the home. They are suitable for both windows and doors, and work by preventing them from being opened if a criminal disables the locking mechanism.

They are positively viewed by insurance companies too, making them a great addition to the front door to upgrade your security ready for the vulnerable autumn, winter months.

And with an array of security solutions on the market to help upgrade your door protection, you can ensure your home security is up to scratch for the upcoming season and beyond with a front door security upgrade.

1A poll of 2000 UK Adults (Nationally Representative) run by OnePoll, commissioned by Yale UK, 2022

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