Style vs Security – Why You Don’t Need To Compromise

Most homeowners looking to replace their front door, they’re doing so for one of two reasons – either style or security. But this isn’t a decision you should have to make. 

The best front doors allow you to enjoy both of these benefits without compromising. We’ve put together a list of some of the customisation options you can choose from, which combine both style and security. That way, the only choices you have to make 


The most secure locks don’t have to be the clunkiest eyesores around. Oftentimes, the more discreet, the better – especially if that means they can’t be tampered with The most successful locking mechanisms on the market prioritise brains over brawn, with intelligent systems that can tell when they’re being attacked and shut down in response. 

Check online or with your door manufacturers directly to see if the locks they fit in their profiles feature anti-pick, anti-snap, anti-drill protection, for example, making them able to respond to forced entry attempts and resist them, stopping the intruder in their tracks for you. 


Most burglars will look for a weak point they can exploit – anything to make it easier to break in. This could be checking for any keys lying around “hidden” under plant pots, scoping out the rear of the property for a less sturdy entry point, or deciding which part of the front door to try and breakthrough. 

Naturally, glass can seem like a weak point that would-be intruders will target. Smashing through glass can seem like an easier task than trying to break through a timber, uPVC or composite profile (more on the differences between those shortly). While many people will carefully choose the glazing pattern and style, you might be less inclined to choose double or even triple glazing over single. Give yourself an advantage over burglars and choose upgraded glass options to put an end to their plans. 


uPVC and timber are two of the most popular choices for front door materials on the market today. Timber offers a traditional look and feel that evokes a classic style for any property, while uPVC is often affordable and renowned for its customisability. But there is an increasingly popular option that combines the benefits of both. 

Composite doors are a great choice as they offer the look and feel of timber with the durability of uPVC. What’s more, they actually offer improved strength, as they are made up of multiple materials, created under pressure, rather than one singular option. Other materials are becoming more popular too, like aluminium, as they provide a tougher exterior for homes in need of a stronger, more protective entrance point. 

Style and security in abundance 

Nowadays, there’s no need to choose between a front door that looks good and one that performs just how you need it to. Style and security go hand in hand as two key components of what makes your dream door the right choice for you. 

If you’re thinking of replacing your front or back door, look for a manufacturer who will give you the best of both worlds – bespoke, customisable designs that are tough and durable, able to keep your home safe and secure, and give you and your loved one’s peace of mind. 

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