Eight Tips to Keep Your Garden Secure This Summer

Image of a man locking a shed door.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a lazy summer day hanging out in your garden. Unfortunately, recent statistics from the ONS suggest that intruders enjoy spending time in your garden, too. According to the latest crime figures, theft from UK gardens has increased by 23% since 2017*.

The good news is that there are plenty of simple things you can do to stop thieves taking belongings from your outdoor spaces.

So, grab a sun lounger and an iced tea, and take a look at our top tips to keep your garden secure this summer.

Give your hedges a trim

It might sound a bit counterintuitive to cut back hedges when you’re trying to keep thieves out. But overgrown bushes and shrubs will act as a signal to intruders that your garden is probably not in the best condition and, therefore, easy to steal from.

Give your shed some TLC

Let’s face it, sheds are not the most secure buildings in the world. They tend to be made of wood and they usually have single glazed windows tacked-in with nails. That said, keeping your shed freshly painted and clear of rot or woodworm will help to make it that bit harder for thieves to get in.

Get some light on the action

Illuminating dark corners and shadowy areas will give intruders fewer places to hide, and a garden light that’s triggered by movement will put off all but the most determined thief. They are cheap to buy, require very little energy, and—if you have external wiring ready—can be installed in less than an hour.

Tidy up after yourself

This sounds like an obvious tip, but many people fall into a false sense of security in their own garden, thinking that it’s safe to leave lawnmowers and bicycles out overnight. Instead, get into the habit of clearing the garden and getting everything locked up every night. Recent research revealed, the item most likely item to be stolen from UK gardens is bicycles**, so make sure they locked up, tidied away and kept safe from potential intruders.

Get your fence panels sorted

Failing fence panels are a clear sign to thieves that a home is probably not up to scratch in terms of security. Luckily, it’s easy to replace tired panels. So, get some new fence panels fitted, give them a quick coat of paint, and your home will be giving off an air of quality security.

Invest in decent locks

Cheap padlocks are a false economy and they’ll be no match for a determined intruder—or the notorious British weather. Instead, get yourself a hardy, solid lock for the highest level of security. The Yale Y220 Weatherproof Padlock, for instance, provides excellent durability and a laminated finish to protect against corrosion.

Install a ground anchor

Fitting a ground anchor is simple, and it will add another layer of security to your garden goods. Get one fitted inside your shed or outhouse and run a thick chain through it and around your bicycle, lawnmower, and furniture. Even the most determined burglar will struggle to get through it.

Consider alarming your shed

Fitting an alarm to your shed or outbuilding used to be a complicated undertaking, involving yards of cable and bulky sensors. However, thanks to the advent of wireless technology, adding your shed to a home security system has never been easier. A system such as the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm features a 200m wireless range, so it can easily be customised to arm your shed.

Have you got any tips for keeping your garden safe from intrusion? Let us know, using the hashtag #NHSM19.


*ONS (May 2019)

**Hive (May 2019)