Don’t give thieves an easy ride this summer

According to research by Cycling UK, approximately 1,044 bicycles are stolen daily in the UK – that’s around one every minute!*

Following a winter of hibernation for the majority of cyclists, bike thefts tend to see a marked increase in summer, as the warmer weather means more people take to the two-wheeled transport. However, as more bicycles are out and about, this provides more opportunities for tempted thieves.

Bicycles are attractive prospects for thieves as they are widely available, universally used, easy to sell, and often left poorly secured. What’s more, statistics reveal that less than five percent of stolen bikes are ever returned.**

As a result, National Home Security Month is urging cyclists to get geared up this summer with our ‘Dos and Don’ts’ for wheelie good security.

• Do keep your bicycle locked up using a robust D lock – try to avoid a cable or combination style lock. Additionally, make sure this is attached to an immovable object using both the wheel and frame to prevent it from being taken.

• Don’t leave it unlocked, even when on your property, and keep it out of sight. Most bicycle thefts occur near the victim’s property such as in the garden, shed or garage due to a lack of secure storage.

• Do use locks approved by insurers that meet Sold Secure standards.

• Do keep proof of purchase receipts in case you need to claim on your insurance.

• Don’t leave removable accessories on your bike such as lights or baskets.

• Do register your bike with a police-approved scheme, such as BikeRegister, to increase the chances of your bicycle being returned.