Domestic burglary on the increase according to latest figures

back street at night

Last week, the Office for National Statistics released its latest crime statistics for England and Wales with figures revealing that the number of police recorded domestic burglary incidents has spiked by a huge 8% compared to the same time-period last year.

Headline figures revealed that over 250,000 domestic burglaries occurred in both England and Wales throughout the 12 month period. Other information included in the report also revealed considerable police cuts within the UK. This showcased that numbers have declined by 930 in the past year, with the Home Office suggesting this is the lowest figure since comparable records began over 20 years ago.

As a result of the growing crime rate and decreasing police numbers, it’s more important than ever that homeowners take their home security seriously. Burglars today are switched on opportunists and seek out properties with poor or no security in place.

Home security should be at the top of the to-do list and simple measures can make a huge difference. For top tips on how to keep your home secure without breaking the bank, head over to our advice section.

To read the full report from the ONS, please visit the Office for National Statistics website.