Criminal minds: Think like a thief

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Keep your home as secure as possible by getting into the mindset of an intruder.

If there’s one surefire way to highlight any weaknesses in your property, it’s approaching it from the viewpoint of a burglar. Finding yourself a willing criminal to point them out might be a tough job. So, we’ve done the next best thing – asked our security experts!

Here are the top five most attractive security failings for burglars, and how you can guard your home from unwanted attention.

Keep your house in ship-shape

If your home looks run-down, then burglars might presume that your security measures aren’t up to scratch either. Be sure to keep things tidy—even if it’s simple things such as trimming the hedge and sweeping the driveway.

Keep your doors locked

This might sound like an obvious tip, but keeping your doors locked at all times is a key step in putting off burglars. Intruders will often test doors when they’re deciding which homes to target. Keep your home off their list by keeping it locked up.

Don’t hide spare keys outside the house

If you’re forgetful or have a relative who you’d like to let themselves in, it can be tempting to leave them a key under a plant pot or behind the shed. Unfortunately, burglars will check these places, too. Consider installing a smart door lock and share virtual keys instead.

Don’t leave curtains closed

If you’re leaving your home empty for a few days, it might feel safer to close the curtains in order to shut out prying eyes. However, would-be intruders might take note. If curtains are closed for more than one full day, it’s a signal that the home is empty.

Don’t offer easy options 

If a burglar can find an easy way to grab and go, they will. So keep all valuables away from windows or doors whenever possible, and make sure keys are not on display.

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*Nottingham Trent University