Comparing a wired and wireless alarm system

When asking yourself whether a hard-wired alarm or a wireless alarm is best for you, reliability should be an important factor. The security system you choose must be reliable enough to detect an intrusion attempt or another emergency.

At one time it was thought that a wireless alarm system would be more likely to be unreliable than a wired system, however today, after many years of wireless alarm technological advancements, there are no longer the same problems with reliability or false alarms.

Home security product manufacturers continuously invest in improving the wireless technology of their alarm systems.

The wireless system is much easier to install, less disruptive, and take less time to fit. In terms of on-going maintenance both alarms would benefit from alarm maintenance and a service. The wireless system will need a battery change after around two years, but this is low cost compared to a wired system, which does not need batteries in the sensors but has one in the main panel.

Today it is possible to have a mixed system, which is known as a hybrid alarm system. This is a part wired and part wireless system. You often find that a hybrid system is opted for when a home is extended or you want to add on an outbuilding onto the system such as a shed or garage. Wireless systems can be installed with pet detectors that can recognise a pet over an intruder so they can be set with a pet inside the home roaming freely.

With some wireless and wired alarms you are even able to interact with your alarm system through your phone or tablet.

Our Guest Author


Paul Gray is the Sales Director of ESS Security Ltd. ESS Security are a long established home security & commercial security systems provider in Leeds, West Yorkshire.