Classic Home Security Measures That Never Go Out of Style

Image of a medium yale safe.

With so many different security solutions available on the market – from night latches, padlocks and safes to home alarm systems, Wi-Fi cameras and smart door locks – it can be difficult to know which are the most effective.

A new wave of smart technology has certainly swept the market, with recent findings showing there are now 15 million ‘smart homes’ in Britain* and more people are starting to invest in smart technology, in particular, smart security products, for their home.

However, with the wide range of new security products on the market…

Is this the end of the classic home security measures?

Lock it away

Padlocks can be dated back thousands of years, and are still as effective today. The open and close mechanism remains the same, but developments have been made over the years; adjusting the size for different uses, making them weatherproof and even creating fun, novelty padlocks. Padlocks are functional, practical and an excellent form of security, one which is unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. Discover more about the different range of padlocks available here.

Put the chain on

Door chains are a simple security solution. Fixed to the door and doorframe, they create an extra barrier for any potential attacks. A door chain allows a homeowner to partially open the door to speak and see who is on the other side, creating a protective barrier. Heavy-duty versions of the door chain have been developed, which provide a higher level of security and they have also been developed for use on more modern doors, such as PVCu and composite, so they can be used on all types of builds.

Secure with a latch

Nightlatches, often referred to as “Yale locks”, are a long-standing security lock, suitable for all types of applications and security needs. When a door is closed, the nightlatch lock automatically latches the door shut – unless it’s left ‘on the latch’. An easy-to-use mechanism, the nightlatch is an effective and secure lock which remains a popular choice.

Put it in a safe place

Safes have been used to store valuables for many years, dating way back to the Romans. They are commonly used to secure valuable possessions against theft, damage, fire and environmental factors. In commercial situations, banks and homes they are still seen to be an effective product to keep the most valuable of possessions safe. Modern safes are not so easy to crack. Now built with the latest technology, they are designed to face the most demanding requirements to ensure valuables are kept safe. Find the best safe to suit your needs here.

As technological advancements allow us to install new, integrated security measures into our homes, we can’t forget the classic security measures that have been effectively guarding us and our valuables for thousands of years. Reliable archetypical features remain, while modern developments have only aided their effectiveness. So, by all means, sign up to latest smart home alarm and cameras – but don’t forget about the classics!