Brits love their home ‘more than ever’ – the key headlines from Yale’s research into how we think about our homes in 2020

New research commissioned by National Home Security Month lead sponsor Yale has revealed that Brits love their home ‘more than ever’ – having spent eight hours longer in it each day in recent months.

The survey of 2,000 adults revealed that they are therefore spending 46 per cent more time at home than ever before, with previous home-time coming in at an average of just nine hours.

Unsurprisingly, 35 per cent of adults now consider home their primary place of work, but more time in has led to 58 per cent developing a growing fondness for their bricks and mortar – and its contents.

Many of those questioned (24 per cent) said their feelings were indifferent towards their home before lockdown but have since learned to love it. As such, adults have spent an average of £592 on things like new furniture, home security and building work to make their house feel more like a home.

Duncan Chamberlain, Managing Director of Yale UK, said: “Many people no longer see their home as just the place to sleep and eat as so many are spending more waking hours in their homes than ever.

“As a result, the findings have shown millions across the country have fallen a little bit more in love with their homes – finding appreciation in the little things they wouldn’t usually. With this extra appreciation for our homes, it’s more important than ever to keep our homes and possessions safe and secure.

“As more people are investing in creating a home they love, homeowners should consider also investing in home security to protect their property. ”

Despite loving their home, one-in-10 respondents admitted they don’t feel completely safe and secure in it, and 33 per cent have gone to great lengths to improve security over the past few months.

The findings, carried out via OnePoll, also reveal the top things that make a house a home – with sleeping in your own bed at number one, followed by family photos, a fridge full of food, having a ‘place’ on the sofa, and a nice garden.

Duncan Chamberlain added: “With anything you love, you obviously want to protect it. Spending more time at home – you’re naturally going to notice things you hadn’t before and with so many making changes and upgrades to their home, people will always want to feel safe and protected.

“Ahead of National Home Security Month we commissioned this research as a celebration of home, while also drawing attention to the importance of thinking about the safety of it.”

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