Beat the Burglars with Common Sense Deterrence

Keeping your home safe from intruders doesn’t have to mean fancy gadgets and consultations with experts – there are plenty of simple and straightforward options available that allow you to make use of your common sense. In particular, deterring burglars from approaching your home in the first place is really just a case of considering what draws intruders to particular targets, and then making sure you have measures in place to counteract it.

The Cover of Darkness
A large proportion of robberies take place during the night, when the culprits are less likely to be spotted by residents or neighbours. Similarly, they may choose to approach from the rear of the house, where fences or shrubbery are more likely to protect them from sight.

This means that one easy deterrent is to deny potential burglars the cover that will allow them to feel safe approaching your home. Do this by installing bright external sensor lights that will flood the outside of your house with light whenever somebody comes near.

Ease of Access
Many home burglaries happen as a result of opportunism rather than the careful planning that you might see in the movies – so if a target looks easy to get into, without the need for breaking and entering, burglars may be more inclined to take their chances. Strong, visible locks that make it clear your house will take some extra effort to get into can help keep you safe from this kind of on-the-fly robbery.

Patterns of Behaviour
While burglars may be opportunists, they also keep an eye on people’s habits and routines, which can help them determine whether or not a potential target is away from home as well as where to actually find valuables once they get into the property.

Some people leave the lights on, put mail delivery on hold or leave their curtains half drawn when they go away – all of which are unusual behaviours that actually alert burglars to the fact that you’re not home. Instead, you can try using timers to make sure your lights come on at night, or ask neighbours to stop by and ensure there’s some life in your property.

Similarly, you don’t want to fall into the trap of locking valuables away in the bedroom; so many people do this that it has become one of the first places robbers look. Instead, try and find a more secure location, or move valuables out of the home.

Of course, security options like burglar alarms can also be a great help for scarring would-be thieves away, but these are some of the more straightforward, common-sense options that allow you to encourage burglars to avoid your home. In many cases, it really is as simple as ensuring that you’re not an easy target.

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