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Now I’m back with my family from a summer holiday and the hours of daylight start to recede, I’ve been struck by how our connected lighting solution acts as a 24:7 personal lighting ‘butler’, which gives the impression that however dark it is outside, it feels like someone is always at home. On a personal level, it’s reassuring because not only does that mean another way to deter potential burglars but it also means that as my kids come home from school on the darker nights, the lighting inside and out will always be on – and in a way that is cost-effective.

Smart lighting is much more than just a dimmable light bulb. It can be tailored to your life as an individual or around each of your family. Kids coming home from school in the dark? No problem. Some devices even have new geofencing technology that can be used to turn your lights on as they enter the front gate. This means kids need never come to a dark house.

But having now returned from my summer break, it’s become even clearer to me that smart lighting essentially ‘vacation proofs’ our homes, by enabling each of us to mimic our presence in the property, whether we are there or not. Want to give the impression you’re in the front home watching TV? Set your lighting to flash in the same way as a TV screen. From the outside, it can look like you’re still in the house and deter any tempted intruders.

You can tailor lighting to wake you up gently in the morning, or to turn your lights off at bedtime. And so, as the nights get darker, connected lighting has the ability to provide reassurance and a sense of security. And at a fraction of the cost of a real-life 24 hour ‘lighting butler’.

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This guest post is written by Andrew Baxter, Product Marketing Manager for Connected Lighting at Hue.
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