Are Your Locks Snap-Safe?

image of anti snap lock

What is a snap safe lock and is my door at risk of lock snapping?

Lock snapping is a technique that burglars are using to easily break into a property. This method is only successful on properties that don’t have snap safe locks installed. UPVC, aluminium and composite doors are usually the target as the locks that they come installed with generally are not snap safe locks.

This method of breaking into a property is scarily easy! By applying a bit of force a burglar can snap the locking cylinder in two, they are then able to expose the locking mechanism by removing the outside of a lock, this then allows the door to be unlocked manually or by using a tool such as a screwdriver. It only takes less than ten seconds for an experienced burglar to get into a home using this method, which is less time than it will take to read this paragraph!

Lock Snapping Burglaries On The Decline

According to a study carried out by the MLA (Master Locksmiths Association) based on statistics shared by West Yorkshire police through a freedom of information request, the amount of successful burglaries using the lock snapping method is on the decline.

Statistics show that in 2011 lock snapping burglaries were at a record high, with 15.87% of burglaries had been committed using the lock snapping method. Statistics show that as of June 2019, the number of burglaries committed using the lock snapping method has fallen to 8.2%. That’s a massive 7.5% decrease.

 Why The Decline in Lock Snapping Burglaries? 

It is believed that the decline in the lock snapping method is due to new anti-snap locks hitting the market.

In 2011 Sold Secure introduced SS312 Diamond approved cylinders which were specifically designed and tested in order to combat lock snapping by preventing the method from working.

Also, in 2012/2013 another standard of lock was introduced TS007. This was developed at 3* level by DHF (Door & Hardware Federation) and GGF (Glass & Glazing Federation) again this has been developed specifically to help prevent lock snapping.

How To Prevent Lock Snapping?

In order to protect your home from lock snapping you need to ensure that you have snap safe locks fitted. You can purchase a SS312 Dimond approved cylinder lock or a Level 3* TS007 lock from most hardware stores, however, if you doubt your DIY skills, you can call in your local locksmith to come and upgrade your locks and they will be able to supply and fit them for you.

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