A Landlord’s Guide to Property Security Measures

If you are letting out your property, there are several responsibilities you need to uphold as a landlord. Ensuring the security of your tenant(s), and the property itself is of the utmost importance. Shared houses, particularly those owned by students and young people, are primary targets for burglars because these properties are usually vacant throughout the whole day and for long periods of time during term holidays.

There are numerous steps you can take regularly to prevent break-ins and thefts – both before each new tenancy and during a tenancy term.

Fit Safety Catches on Windows
It is important to fit safety catches to all openable windows. Pay particular attention to those situated on the ground floor and any easily accessible windows on upper floors. Restricting the opening of windows not only prevents thieves being able to enter the property, it also ensures a tenant’s own safety against general accidents. Where possible, choose windows that open upwards as these will also make it much more difficult for anyone to break into the property.

Maximise the Security of Doors
You can ensure the security of exterior doors in various ways. Entrance doors – both at the front and the rear of a property – should have good quality locks. Regularly check the stronghold of doors, concentrating not only on the lock itself but also around the lock-keep sections and the doorframe. It is worth assessing the style of each door too – if it has glass panes, check that the lock cannot be reached if the pane is smashed.

Having two separate locks on each door, and fitting spy holes and chains on the interior side of the door, can further strengthen security, especially during the nighttime hours.

If you let the property with a garage, you will need to ensure that the garage door and personnel entrance door lock securely. Garages are often primary targets for burglars, as many people use them to store high-value items such as sporting equipment, alongside a vehicle.

Install Sensor-Activated Lighting
Deter burglars from even getting close to your property by installing sensor-activated lighting. Having an exterior light near the entrances at the front and back of the house ensures that the property remains well-lit when it is dark. These lights can make it easier to alert tenants or neighbours of any suspicious activity.

Keeping these three pieces of advice in mind can help prevent the distressing consequences of a break-in.

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