7 Top Tips to Help You Keep Your Valuables Safe

Whether it’s a gold necklace or a diamond ring from someone special, it’s important and holds sentimental value to you. This is why it is important to protect your most prized possession from the risk of being stolen or even lost.

Though these items are of value to us, we cannot always keep an eye on them 24/7. This is why it is important to consider various ways to keep them safe from damage or finding their way into the wrong hands.

Here is our top tips on how to secure your favourite trinkets and items:

As much as we love our most prized possession, we rarely use them. The probability of the item getting lost is very high. To ensure they are safe and easily accessible, you can make use of self-storage units offered by different companies. This will ensure your property is safe and highly secured from any unwanted attention. The benefits of using storage units are; you can easily access your property, it saves you time, and it’s completely affordable.

Another benefit of storing your stuff in a storage unit is because it’s insured by the company so in case of damage or loss you can be compensated. There are many types of storages for different purposes, for personal belongings, you would most likely be looking to store at a secure self storage facility.

It’s very important to ensure your property especially jewellery and artwork. This will ensure your property is covered in case of theft. Before insuring your property make sure you have read through the contract thoroughly and understand what it entails. The insurance should be providing cover for the value you intend to insure.

Also, in the case of an addition to the property, it is important to confirm that it is insured although it can slightly increase the insurance premium. Make sure you have photocopied the receipts and any related documents. You don’t want to lose the evidence in case of any misunderstandings. Store, all the receipts in a safe or in a lockable cabinet to reduce the chances of them being lost or damaged.

A house without security is a magnet for thieves who can easily gain access to your house, so it is important to invest in a home security system. Installing home alarms, security lighting or even a security gate will make a world of difference. In case of any intrusion, the alarm will easily notify you with an audible siren. Also keeping a safe in the house is advisable. The safe should be air locked and rust-free. It is important to consult with a security professional on which are the best home safes before purchasing.

It is your duty to make sure your personal items are secure. Don’t leave the responsibility only to your house security or house dog. You have to be careful with the way you handle your items. For example, it’s not advisable to leave your items in conspicuous places such as a windowsill or at the sink. It’s the same as advertising your property to thieves. Also, ensure you have secure safes and working security alarms throughout the season. Prevention is better than cure so ensure you have prevented any mishaps due to irresponsibility.

Avoiding hiding your spare keys
Most of the time when we hide spare keys it’s predictably either under the doormat or under a plant pot. Instead of hiding the spare key you can give them to a person you trust or you can store your property in a self-storage unit near you. You should also consider installing the latest smart lock. These types of locks don’t require any keys instead using a PIN code or smartphone for entry.

We don’t always want to part with our favourite items, but when traveling, it’s advisable to leave them behind. Items such as laptops and diamond rings are really expensive to replace and also heart breaking to lose. So instead of risking them being stolen, why don’t you keep them safe and leave them secure at home?

Social media
As much as we love to share on social media, it is best to keep your private life private. It’s so tempting to make public that you are away on holiday or your boyfriend bought you an expensive diamond ring but, as much as it seems like a good idea, it’s not. When we are sharing our photos and private life it is easy for a would-be thief to easily locate you.

There you have it, a rundown of ways to make sure your property is safe and sound whenever and wherever you are, without the worry.

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