5 ways to prevent bike theft

The statistics are overwhelming, the heat-map above shows hotspots for reported bike thefts in the UK. It was also calculated that 389,144 bikes were stolen in the UK in just one year!

If not properly secured, a thief can steal your bike in a heartbeat. From D-locks to tracking devices, follow these five simple tips to help keep your bike safe at home.

1. Register your bike online
Registering your bike is quick and easy: upload your bike frame number online, then mark the bike with your postcode. Your details are held on a nationwide database, accessible by every Police Force in the UK. If you do fall foul of thieves and your bike is stolen, having it registered ensures a much higher chance of it being identified and returned to you. There are different options to choose from on the Bike register to suit your needs.

2. Invest in a tracking device
GPS technology has come a long way since it first broke into the mass market. Miniature tracking devices, such as the Micro Tracker from Spy Equipment UK, can be placed discreetly on your bike and used to track it if it goes astray. The Micro Tracker is controlled via SMS and phone calls directly from your own mobile phone, and can last up to five days in standby mode.

3. Chain it up
If you opt for chains to secure your bike, make sure they are sufficiently strong – go for the best model you can afford. Look for products bearing the ‘Sold Secure’ mark – an independent security test. Ensure that the chains can’t just be pulled over the top of your anchor point.

4. Shackle locks
Another way to secure your bike at home is by using a shackle lock, or D-lock. These are one of the most traditional locks on the market and can be very effective. Make sure it is as tight a fit as possible: the more space between your bike and your anchor point, the easier it is to tamper with the lock. For even greater security, try combining a chain and a shackle lock.

5. Bring it in
Wherever possible, bring your bike indoors. Locking your bike in a hallway, garage or secured shed will keep it out of sight from any would-be thieves.

Remember, don’t take the chance – always secure your bike, even if it’s only for a few minutes. It’s just not worth the risk!

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