5 Security Features That Can Be Added To A Timber Front Door

Timber is a popular door material for a range of properties, but especially cottages and heritage homes. When choosing locks and door furniture for timber doors, people often think of traditional style ironmongery. However, there is a range of very effective modern security features available for traditional timber front doors.

1. Multi-point locks
Multi-point locks are often associated with PVC-u front doors, but they are also commonly used for timber doors. Multi-point locks are operated by lifting the door handle or the turn of a key and lock the door at several points, making it much harder to break into. Different designs are available, but they have a centrally located deadbolt, a live bolt (latch), at least two hook bolts and possibly a pair of compression bolts.

2. Hinge Bolts
Hinge bolts are steel pins and keep that are fitted into the hinge side of the door leaf. As you close the door the pin, or bolt passes into a keep in the door frame. They offer another level of security and are commonly used on doors that open outwards, as the hinges are often exposed and can be at risk of being tampered with. They can also protect inward opening front doors where the door might be susceptible to kicking and barging.

3. Tamper-proof cylinder
A euro profile double cylinder that meets BS EN 1303:2005 & TS 007:2014 + A1 :2015 the latest kite marked security standard for cylinders. These cylinders are anti-snap, anti-twist, anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-plug. Cylinders are often a target, by using tamper-proof euro-cylinder this resists these attacks.

4. Letter Plate
Letter plates can be a target for criminals wanting to break in. Letter plates should be a maximum aperture of 260mm x 40mm and incorporate a flap or other features designed to hinder anyone attempting to remove keys with sticks and/or insert their hand.

5. 160° Door viewer
A door viewer means that the house occupant can view who is at the front door before granting access. They can also view outside the front door if they want to check for a possible intruder.

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