5 Reasons You Should Upgrade To Smart Locks

The future of Home Security lies in finding the perfect equilibrium between efficiency and safety. Smart Locks are the next natural step in the ever-evolving state of security, and they aim to make your duties as a homeowner a lot easier and safer.

Change is not a trait that comes easy to the human race, but nothing can galvanize people more than a concern for their personal safety and the safety of the ones they love. So without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you should upgrade to using Smart Locks.

1. Reduce The Possibility Of You Losing Your Keys
Smart Locks help reduce the chance of homeowners losing their keys, and in some cases, it negates that possibility entirely. Several models are equipped to open with smartphones, keypads and even biometric sensors.This makes it nearly impossible to forget your ‘keys’ somewhere or to lose them.

2. Allows You To Keep Track Of Who Is In Your Home
Smart Locks allow you to properly monitor when someone is going in and out of your home or office. Models, like the August Smart Lock, allow you to give out digital keys to people that need to gain access to your home and it keeps track of every time someone does so. It also sends you a notification whenever the door is unlocked which will allow you to know, in real-time, if there is an intruder or unwanted guest attempting to enter your home.

3. Integrate Well With Home Security Systems
Many Smart Locks Integrate well with home security systems and give you remote access to your home from almost any location. They help the automated alarm system in your home operate more efficiently by triggering the alarm or notifying you so that you can remotely trigger the alarm.

4. Allows For Video Recording
Several Smart Locks give homeowners the ability to record videos of whoever may be at their door. They also serve as a modern peephole by letting you see who is behind the door even if you are not at home. This is a beneficial tool for homeowners since it gives them useful information that they can give to the police, should the need ever arise.

5. Ease Of Access
Smart Locks also offer homeowners an unprecedented ease of access to their homes, all the while, keeping them safe and secure from burglars. Many of the Smart Lock models open with the touch of an icon on a smartphone or open automatically when you are in close proximity to your door. Smart locks make use of the tools that we use each day (biometrics, smartphones) and capitalize on this to make home security a seamless and efficient task.

Smart locks are the initial step to a safer future and we hope that you will upgrade so that you take that step with us. However, do not forget that locks are only a small fraction of home security, so make sure that you tighten up your home security as much as possible.

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